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New Samsung Galaxy Tab Is On The Way

Samsung’s response to the iPad — the Galaxy Tab — is getting an update, one that Samsung hopes will better compete with Apple’s ubiquitous tablet. While the hardware improvements are pretty impressive, it’s the introduction of the Android 3.1 operating …

Great Ideas Emerge in Startup Weekend Tokyo

Startup Weekend is being held in Tokyo, Japan right now, and we’re delighted to attend and report what we see. On the first day, entrepreneurs were given a chance to pitch their ideas. […] Related posts: Building A Bullet Proof Startup Thinking of creating your very own high-tech startup? This comprehensive… Global Mobile Internet Conference […]

Will Google's Chrome OS Succeed?

The biggest news in tech and business that wasn’t related to Wikileaks this week, was probably the unveiling of Google’s new operating system – Chrome OS. Earlier this week at a special Chrome event, the company highlighted a number of new things they’re doing with the Chrome browser (which has grown by 300% since January, […]

Samsung shares its Social Media Success

Ever wonder how social media buttons and plugins can increase your website engagement rate and traffic? Samsung, the world’s largest technology company by sales, has some insights to share. Earlier this Fall, Samsung re-launched its U.S. website with a focus on consumer engagement, driving social media experiences and online community participation. By adding a number […]

Windows Phone 7 Now Available in the U.S.

If you’ve been planning to buy a Windows Phone 7 device, now is the time to walk the walk, as several smartphones based on Microsoft’s new mobile platform are now available in Microsoft’s Store. HTC Surround and Samsung Focus…

Samsung Android Phone Ships with a Copy of “Avatar”

An Android smartphone called Samsung Vibrant (a variant of the Galaxy S) launches on T-Mobile July 21, but when you pay the $199 price tag the phone won’t be all you’ll get. Each handset will come pre-loaded with a…

Trading Forex Using a Pocket PC This is the second video I have made on the subject of trading with miniature notebooks and mobile devices such as Pocket PC phones. Trading using a mobile device has become an essential part of my Forex trading business. In this video made Jan 22, 2009 at the Marco Polo Hotel in Cebu, Philippines […]