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Marketing Consulting

Do you have marketing staff but need a check on your strategy?  Have you ever thought that someone outside of your company that knows marketing consulting could spot errors in your marketing plan that you can’t see or possible opportunities that you haven’t thought to add?  Have you done adequate market research in your field?

Are you trying to coordinate multiple vendors who are each doing a piece of your marketing efforts?

Yada Yada can do an audit of your existing marketing scene and provide upper level strategy advice, or even get a project manager for you to coordinate, assign specific goals and measurements to each team and in general ensure that you are getting the best return for your marketing investment possible.

We’ve talked to everybody from fortune 500 companies, to mid sized companies, along with major marketing gurus running their empires.  We also have talked to individual people in various niche markets running a single website about their strategy. We’ve seen almost every business model and marketing strategy around, and we are usually able to save people many times the amount they are currently spending on their marketing efforts. The only people we could not help have every single portion of their business completely 100% maximized in terms of efficiency for optimum ROI in every single place. Do you know of anyone like that? Really?

Its free for one hour to talk to one of our consultants. We only take on clients that we can actually help and we don’t have endless consulting plans. Sometimes you just need a couple hours to go over things with a third party that isn’t mired in the day to day details. You can get consulting from Yada Yada in blocks as little as 5 hours if you need it.

Sometimes its not so much consulting that you really need, its getting hooked up with the right people or the right resources. Yada is rich in technology and contacts. We are always looking at which marketing softwares are the best, which tweaks can be applied to landing pages or optimizing SEO or PPC, we also buy almost every new marketing course that comes out, and our library of marketing books is way huge.

Sometimes that is all it takes, in pointing you to a very simple resource that totally transforms your business and takes you to the next level. Or to get introduced to a contact that you really need, whether for financing, development, etc.

Our consulting is totally done on a case by case basis, just for you.

So call us and tell us about your business. You’ll be glad you did.

Call now and talk to us about your business and what you want to accomplish with it in confidence. You’ll be glad you did.


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