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Return on Investment Tracking

How much is your marketing campaign costing you? How much is it contributing to your long range and short range goals?

What is your cost of customer acquisition? In other words, how much does it actually cost you to acquire a new customer?

Many people come to us who really cannot answer these questions, so one of the first things we do is implement the correct tracking solution that makes sense for both cost effectiveness and security in that particular business. Google Analytics is free, but people need to be reminded that they are paying for it. They are paying for it by giving Google their proprietary data. And Google analytics can’t track phone calls. Many markets especially local businesses have a ratio of something like 10-1 of people who visit a website and call, vs fill out a web form, so if you are tracking web forms and not calls you can actually have a winner of a website, but you don’t know because you are not measuring the correct thing.

There are several levels of pricing and systems available, starting with the free adwords conversion tracking and google analytics for very small businesses, on up to positively unwieldy fortune 500 company systems. We help people find something that is right for them and then get it implemented which is the key here.

Once you have a good analytics solution and some call tracking working for you, you will never go back, because you have just stepped into a world where you are now in control. And guess what? Its easy for us to implement for you.

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