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Search Engine Optimization

Well, it’s great to have a website, but can people actually find you? Of the millions of websites (yes, I said millions) how can yours be shown on the first pages of Google? Research needs to be done on what words are being searched for your product and service and then an analysis of which keywords can actually can be ranked for that keyword. We usually recommend starting with paid search to see what keywords are converting the best, but once that is ascertained, one can start optimizing for those keywords as well as building links. Fill out the contact form to the right or call us to determine the best route for you.


Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, has been around the beginning of the Internet. As time has gone on, more and more websites are being built creating a huge amount of competition. Add to that, that Google is constantly updating its algorithm. You see, the purpose of a search engine is to properly serve up results that the person who is searching wants. Search engines would be of no use if their results were faulty.  So it is the job of the search engine to make sure that the pages they serve up or relevant to not only the search query, but also what the person searching was ultimately looking for. There are many ways search engines do this. For example, if you have too many people who are actually arriving on your page and then quickly hit the back button, the search engine notices this and realizes there is something about your page that is either not relevant or not answering the question individual had.

It’s also unrealistic to think that you’re going to get a top 10 listing for highly competitive keyword like weight loss. When deciding the proper keyword or keywords to optimize for one would have to first research the area, the amount of traffic available,and a full analysis of the competitors.The age of the website, the amount of websites that link to the website, the strength of the sites linking to it and on page factors such as its tags, the amount of times the keywords are in the copy, and the amount of traffic that the site generates are all factors that help determine its ranking for particular keyword.

SEO is changing.

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Where do you show up?  Where should you show up?  These are all things that need to be looked at based on your current site, your target market and your goals.  Click here see case studies of SEO Results.

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