Call Us Now 1-800-920-1985 This is the second video I have made on the subject of trading with miniature notebooks and mobile devices such as Pocket PC phones. Trading using a mobile device has become an essential part of my Forex trading business. In this video made Jan 22, 2009 at the Marco Polo Hotel in Cebu, Philippines I show just a little about the mini notebook and the Samsung I900 Windows Mobile 6 Pocket PC phone using Metatrader 4 Mobile. I intend to make more videos about the specifics of exploring which phones and mininotebooks work well for trading, the best Forex brokers to use and the best charts for mobile trading. Also we will explore how to do your primary analysis at your home office, sync your trading notes to your device and then look for a specific set up during your day while you are out and about using the mobile device. I hope you enjoy it.

Duration : 0:3:19

[youtube Ak5sNuOrkx8]