Thoughts on Asia, China, and Digital Media [INTERVIEW]

For the most part, digital media like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs were very much originated from and were popularized by Westerners. Asia is slowly picking up the pace and this trend is unearthing […] Related posts: LinkedIn in Asia: India 9, Australia 2, China 1 [INFOGRAPHIC] Congrats to LinkedIn, you hit the 100 million users […]

India and Social Media

Social media is in its infancy stage in India and is growing at a fast pace. With over 25 million Indian users, it is obvious that Facebook is reigning the social media circuit […] Related posts: The Social Media Landscape in India [INFOGRAPHIC] This post is part of the series, Social Media Landscape… Social Media […]

Online Do Not Track Bill Introduced In Congress

U.S. Representative Jackie Speier  (D-CA) introduced “Do Not Track Me” legislation in Congress today that would let people block the tracking of their online activity. “People have a right to surf the web without Big Brother watching their every move and announcing it to the world,” said Speier . “The internet marketplace has matured, and […]

Who's Got the Time for All This Technology?

In a recent article, we asked how business owners and CEOs can keep up with new technologies and strategies in the digital age. It’s a topic we discussed with a few people at Pubcon in Las Vegas.  "The pace of change is frightening," New York Times tech columnist David Pogue told us. "In the last […]

Celebrate Earth Day, Dr. Seuss Style

Just in time for Earth Day, Oceanhouse Media has released two special iPhone and iPad apps based around Dr. Seuss’s classic book, The Lorax. First published in 1971, The Lorax was written by Dr. Seuss to teach children about the value of caring about the environment. Like the other Dr. Seuss apps for the iPhone […]

What is the difference between Grey and White Hat SEO?

What is the difference between Grey and White Hat SEO? White hat seo is using ethical seo techniques to rank your website high in the search engines – techniques which search engines themselves recommend. Grey hat techniques are boarder line techniques used to get high rankings – many of the times they are not ethical […]