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U.S. Representative Jackie Speier  (D-CA) introduced “Do Not Track Me” legislation in Congress today that would let people block the tracking of their online activity.

Rep-Jackie-Speier “People have a right to surf the web without Big Brother watching their every move and announcing it to the world,” said Speier .

“The internet marketplace has matured, and it is time for consumers’ protections to keep pace.”

 The Do Not Track Me Online Act of 2011 would authorize the Federal Trade Commission to enforce regulations that would give people a right to block companies from tracking their activities as they use the Internet.

The bill would allow the FTC to exempt commonly accepted commercial practices like the collection of information for billing purposes.

“Consumers have a right to determine what if any of their information is shared with big corporations and the federal government must have the authority and tools to enforce reasonable protections,” said Speier.