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Political Marketing and Barack Obama

Political Marketing in the Real World Barack Obama, perhaps more than any other candidate of late, has truly mastered the utilization of both digital and conventional political marketing outlets to reach a wide audience and keep his supporters energized. Putting aside any political leanings for the moment, the Democratic political marketing machine, with Barack Obama at […]

Political Marketing

  Political Marketing Yada Yada Marketing provides the perfect solution set for your political advertising and political marketing campaign. POLITICAL MARKETING SUCCESS! Offering the most comprehensive digital media and online access for political marketing available. Our services include: Political Market Research and Surveys Grassroots Campaign advertising and access Social Media Buzz Building Search Engine Marketing/Online […]

Strategic Planning For Social Media Marketing

In this video Scott Van Wagner, discusses the how Strategic Planning can be implemented for Social Media Marketing. Find out more at Duration : 3 min 52 sec

Headless Mannequins and Live Bunnies plus setting up Google+ for your biz!

Google News-Google+ Business Pages–Video on how to set up!
By Laura
Google+ is gaining headway and this time I think Google has it right.There are many things that they are doing right. It’s a nice and clean interface-it’s easy to share information and sort friends and acquaintances but in my opinion the major advantage for business when it comes to Google+ is two fold:

Social Media Job Seeking with Career Enlightenment Is your Job Search stuck? Companies aren't calling you back…and your resume is not effective anymore? Don't pay someone to re-write your resume. It's time to begin using Social Media to empower you to your next job interview. Find out how we can help! Duration : 1 min 14 sec

MHTV Episode 13: Social Media Feedback

Matt discusses the value of feedback, received as social media listening becomes a part of your brand activity, and how your harshest detractors could be the answer to a wonderful future. Duration : 3 min 49 sec

The Social Media Minute – 17 try more things

The Social Media Minute with Mark Latimer – 17 try more things – There is no secret to social media, think networking, relationship building, and large scale introductions. Learn more – Duration : 15 sec

MHTV Episode 6: Social Media for Good

Matt discusses the recent UK riots, and the role of social media in aiding those criminals involved, and the resultant positive community action, epitomised by the "Riot Wombles" of the #riotcleanup Duration : 3 min 22 sec

How to Monetize social media, facebook,twitter Learn How to Monetize social media, facebook and twitter. Brent McLean from AlterSeekers shares some his expertise in this short informative video. Enjoy! Distributed by Tubemogul. Duration : 2 min 57 sec

The 5 Most Common Social Media Mistakes.

What are the 5 most common social media mistakes? Find out in 60 seconds with this video from The 60 Second Marketer. Duration : 1 min 24 sec

Maria Andros Social Media Traffic Blue Print

Click on this link now to get amazing information from Maria Andros, the video Marketing Queen. WHen you click on the link you will get on a list early bird list because her course will sell out!! Maria Andros is absolutely amazing, she will teach you how to utalize simple and affordable video into […]

4 Way Social Media is Changing Business

1. From "Trying to Sell" to "Making Connections" 2. From Large Campaigns to Small Acts 3. From Controlling Our Image to Being Ourselves 4. From Hard to Reach to Available Everywhere See more videos: Duration : 1 min 30 sec