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Marketing Fail of the Week
Headless Mannequins and Live Bunnies
Live Bunnies
This video was taken by me in Manhattan a few weeks ago. 

Live bunnies and headless mannequins–not sure if it helped sales at all 🙂
Google News-Google+ Business Pages–Video on how to set up!
By Laura

Google+ is gaining headway and this time I think Google has it right.There are many things that they are doing right.  It’s a nice and clean interface-it’s easy to share information and sort friends and acquaintances but in my opinion the major advantage for business when it comes to Google+ is two fold:

  • Google’s ranking factor for social is not Facebook-it’s Google+ — I know we all like Facebook, but if you want to rank in Google for any competitive search terms, you are going to have to have social proof and Google has publicly stated that it’s using their social network to measure that.
  • Google pretty much owns local with Google Places. Now add the integration of Google Plus and the mobile apps for Google Places–well can you say domination?

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Click on the video image above and watch my video on how you can claim your Google + Business page.

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Notice anything different with Google Analytics?
by Laura
Last month Google changed how we get to view our analytics.Up until then we could see exactly where our traffic came from.  Now, they have taken their search more secure and will no longer give you the search term someone used to get to your site if they are logged into a Google account.Now they say it’s a security issue, but if you pay for the clicks as in Google AdWords, you get all the info.This is bad news for those of us who use this information to guide our online activities.  By the way, there is no way around this even if you’re using another stat tracking program.
Did you know?
by Laura
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