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Political Consulting

Finding The Best Political Consulting Firm Why is it important to hire a political consulting firm? Running a successful political marketing campaign requires having full access to a full array of tools and services offered by a political consulting firm for reaching the widest audience quickly and affordable. Being able to make commercials, post ads and […]

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Microdata Wins – Brings Richer Web

Google, Bing and Yahoo jointly announced a new initiative today at to create and support a common vocabulary for structured data markup on web pages in Microdata. For many years search engines have worked independently of one another to establish some standards in structured markup. Essentially, through, the search… [[ This is a […]

Indonesia Investigates Government Website Hackers

The Indonesian police force has enlisted a team of experts to investigate the infiltration of government-owned websites last week. In an effort to solve the problem, the police are cooperating with the Ministry […] Related posts: P&G and Yahoo launch Brand Style Website in Indonesia Inspired by Yahoo’s Shine in the U.S, P&G and Yahoo… […]

Searching Oprah

This week, Oprah is filming the final episodes of her long-running daytime staple The Oprah Winfrey Show. Because of this fact, the internet is feeling the Oprah buzz and we have just received some information from Yahoo about just how …

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Holds Launch Parties Across Indonesia

Mozilla Indonesia Community, supported by Mozilla Foundation, has held several launch parties across major cities in Indonesia. One of the events was held in Bandung just 2 days ago. More than a hundred […] Related posts: Multiply to launch office in Indonesia Multiply is set to open its Jakarta office in March… P&G and Yahoo […]

Facebook is 3rd Favorite Online Source for Election News in Singapore

A study commissioned by Today revealed that the 17.4 percent of Internet users in Singapore rely on Facebook for General Election news, making it the third favorite online source in the country. Yahoo […] Related posts: Microblogs: The Third Favorite Online News Source in China Microblogs like Sina Weibo are the third favorite online news… […]

Get Busy With Bing Webmaster Tools

It is common for search marketers to become so consumed with Google that they often forget about another reliable traffic source in Bing. While Bing and Yahoo combine for roughly 25 percent of search traffic, perhaps that index warrants closer attention. Let's look inside the Bing Webmaster Tools area and see if we can't improve […]

Bahrain Protest Photos Flood Flickr

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube often get a lot of the attention when it comes to social media spreading news of revolutions and uprisings in foreign nations, but Yahoo-owned Flickr is reminding everyone that it plays a significant role as well.  Photos can say a lot, and Flickr has plenty of those. The company is highlighting […]

Koprol Launches Location-based Marketing Features

Yahoo’s Koprol, an Indonesian location-based social network has launched a series of new features which allows businesses to reach out to more consumers through its service. Businesses can now sign up for its […] Related posts: HOW TO: Create a Location-based Marketing Campaign Location-based marketing is one of the major trends in the… Is Location-Based […]

Acquisition Rumors Again Connect Google, Next New Networks

Rumors have indicated that Google could acquire a company called Next New Networks since at least December, and as of now, neither company has anything to announce.  A new round of reports has surfaced, however, indicating that the purchase might soon occur. The acquisition would make sense in a number of ways.  First, whether or […]

Yahoo And Zillow Partner On Real Estate

Yahoo said today that all of its real estate listings will now be powered by Zillow. Zillow will also sell local advertising on both sites, and the 4 million listings on Zillow will appear on Yahoo Real Estate. Real estate agents will be able to advertise locally on Yahoo Real Estate, and home buyers will […]

Yahoo-Bing Alliance Pays off for Paid Search

Marin Software published a report last week (“Why the Search Alliance Is Paying Off for Paid Search”) which suggests the Microsoft and Yahoo search alliance increased the share of paid-search impressions by 4% and share of clicks by 2%. Consequently, Google’s share declined by the same percentage according to Marin. According to… [[ This is […]

The Microsoft/Yahoo Merger – What Advertisers Need to Know

At the same time as their merger with Yahoo was being finalized, the folks at Microsoft rolled out several new updates to their targeting and reporting options, and online and desktop interfaces. Many of the changes were substantial, but with the fuss of the merger some of the more important ones have not yet received […]