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uTest Offers Website and Web App Testing for Startups

Based on the success of uTest Express in mobile app testing for early-stage startups, uTest is expanding its Express services with the launch of uTest Express for websites – giving startups an affordable way to professionally test their Web apps. uTest Express is designed to help emerging startups – even those without any formal… [[ […]

10 Early Stage Start-up Pitches [LIVE BLOG] #gstartup

Live notes on start-up pitches. 16Fun (China) Focuses on mobile games imitating virtual reality Features include playing games with friends Business model: Virtual currency, in-app purchases, linking game with business owners Distribution strategy: […] Related posts: Global Mobile Internet Conference, Day 1 Live Blog Live updates from the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing,… East […]

Planning Commission of India uses Facebook to reach Citizens

India is a democratic country. But this time round, democracy in India has gotten itself a face lift. The Planning Commission of India recently introduced a Facebook Fan Page to discuss expenditure planning for the next 5 Years (2012 to 2017). Drawing inspiration from the fair amount of success of the Census 2011 Facebook Page, […]

Loyalty A Better Measure of Mobile App Success?

Real-time app analytics provider Localytics is offering up some interesting information on loyalty as it relates to phone and tablet apps.  While customers seem willing to give new apps a try (perhaps due to the number of US smartphone users growing from 42.7 million in November 2009 to 61.5 million in November 2010), Localytics data […]

Trends in Landing Page Design for Search Marketers

Landing pages are critical to the success of search marketing and advertising campaigns. To ensure that the destination where consumers end up post-click presents the best opportunity for conversion, let's review three current landing page design trends. When you want to analyze what works best in landing page design, start with the most… [[ This […]

Are Marketers Interested in Twitter Promoted Products?

According to early adopters like Virgin America, Bravo TV and Red Bull, Twitter’s Promoted Products are highly effective. Virgin America reported that Promoted Tweets helped the airline record its fifth-highest sales day in the entire airline’s history. But that was back in April-May, when Promoted Tweets was launched. A huge proportion of the clicks was […]

Samsung shares its Social Media Success

Ever wonder how social media buttons and plugins can increase your website engagement rate and traffic? Samsung, the world’s largest technology company by sales, has some insights to share. Earlier this Fall, Samsung re-launched its U.S. website with a focus on consumer engagement, driving social media experiences and online community participation. By adding a number […]

Creating Start-up Success 101

In this set of slides, author Alexander Osterwalder brings us through a start-up story of  an Ivy league student (named Mike) who has years of corporate experience under his belt. He has impressive credentials and a killer product idea with favorable market research. He went on to build a business plan and secured venture capitalist […]

Twitter’s Plans: Reputation Score, Location Ads, Ping and More

Twitter has 370,000 people signing up as new users every day. With a robust user growth rate, Twitter can now better focus on its business model. During the past few months, we have seen several creative ad products introduced by Twitter, namely @EarlyBird, Promoted Tweets and Trends. These products have enjoyed success and Twitter has […]

The YouTube Ad of the Year is…

In the inaugural YouTube Ad of the Year awards, Sussex Safer Roads’ ‘Embrace Life’ took top honours.  The spot beat out other strong contenders including Old Spice’s ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ and ‘O2 Gorillaz’ by VCCP. As part of winning the award, it received the prize of a YouTube homepage takeover worth […]

Optimizing Affiliate Management

There are few opportunities on the Web that give a better return on investment than a well-executed affiliate marketing campaign. It costs next to nothing to get started, but the best ROI requires a little TLC. That is why the success of any affiliate program falls largely on the way it is managed, whether that’s […]

Product Images – The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Enticing product pages are essential to the success of any e-commerce enterprise. In fact, a recent study of 1,600 online shoppers revealed that clear and thorough product images positively impacted customer loyalty more than any other website functionality. Second on the list was ample site search capability, followed by product-viewing… [[ This is a content […]