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HTC EVO 4G Now Available

As previously announced, the highly anticipated 4G smartphone, HTC EVO 4G, is now available in the U.S. Customers can purchase the device at Sprint retail stores, RadioShack, Best Buy…

Sprint Drops Plan to Offer Google’s Nexus One

Although Google announced only last month that Sprint would carry its Nexus One phone, the carrier has since retracted from that plan. Gizmodo reports that the carrier will instead focus its efforts on the upcoming HTC EVO 4G it will be launching this summer. Both devices are Android phones, but the EVO is arguably more […]

CTIA 2010 in Review: Top Trends in Mobile

The CTIA Wireless Association’s annual Las Vegas mobile-centric show has wrapped up for this year, and a few key trends emerged. We wanted to bring you some of the high points from the show that shed light on what’s hot now as well as what’s on the horizon in mobile in the near near future. […]

Sprint Makes Your iPhone 4G [VIDEO]

The iPhone 4G (next generation iPhone) is yet to be released, but Sprint is cleverly advertising “4G speeds” on your iPhone thanks to its Sierra Wireless Overdrive 4G WiFi hotspot. The nifty device lets you browse the web “up to 10 times faster” by providing a WiFi hotspot that uses Sprint’s 4G network. The downside: […]


spj homescreens i have collected screenshots of from the past months. thansk to all users and developers that made these possible. these are all collected and can be found at Duration : 0:6:38

Sprint Mogul PPC 6800 Video 1- The Basics Please dont PM me go to and share your ideas and questions. Duration : 0:10:48

MobiTV demo on Sprint Pocket PC-6700

This is a demo of MobiTV; an application that brings live, streaming Television directly to your cellular phone. This demo is on a Sprint’s PocketPC 6700 cell phone. Duration : 0:3:4

styletap and kinoma on ppc 6800

Your gonna like this. I purchased Kinoma when I had my treo, now I get to still keep it.. Thank you god. Duration : 0:5:21