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Seo Taiji- T'ik T'ak *English subs* Guerilla Concert

Hard Korean rock, Seo Taeji disappeared from the public eye and came back out for the release of his 8th album (which includes this song).. If the words don’t make sense listen to it a few times. If I made it simple and clear it wouldn’t be Seo Taeji and wouldn’t even represent the original […]

Seo tai ji – take two

most population korean rocker “Seo tai ji” this PV is he’s first solo album(1998) At that time he didn’t appear in the TVshows Duration : 0:5:11

Seo Taiji – T'IKT'AK (Full Track)

Seo Taiji 8th Album 1st Single MOAI Support the artist by buying here: Duration : 0:4:7

Korean rock musician [Seo Taiji]-[Feel the soul]

This song is the upgrade version of [Daekyungseong](metropolice) in his 6th album(2000), and it was released as a single in the year of 2001 Seo Taiji is called [culture president] in Korea and has unimaginablely influenced Korea since his debut in 1992:) Duration : 0:3:58