SEO Strategy – Keyword Density Revisited

There has always been something intriguing about the concept of keyword density. Many years ago, search engine optimization professionals relied on keyword and phrase density (also called keyword prominence) as one of the core strategies behind top rankings. What made keyword density so appealing is that it was straightforward and simple. The… [[ This is […]

Panda Effects? eHow Not Ranking for Likely Google Trend

Looking at Google Trends today, I noticed that the phrase “how to write a resume” made the list. I couldn’t help but wonder if Demand Media’s eHow was dominating the search results for the query, given the site’s general how-to …

Demand Media: We're "Very White Hat"

Demand Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt, speaking on an earnings call today, took to defending his company’s content, which is often subject to a great deal of criticism, though I would contend that much of the criticism is really geared toward Google for surfacing some of the more questionable (in quality) content over other results that […]

Demand Media CEO: Google Not Talking About Us

Last week, Google’s Matt Cutts put up a blog post talking about a shift in focus to content farms, which he defines as "sites with shallow or low-quality content". Most people that read this assumed he was talking about sites like some of those offered by Demand Media (, for example), which launched an IPO […]

Google Updates Ad Preview Tool

Today Google announced a slick update to its ad Preview Tool. Included is the ability to see integrated keyword diagnosis results. So, an advertiser can select a keyword or phrase and check where and in what ad groups the ads are appearing, or not appearing. From the AdWords blog: "In addition to displaying the ads […]

Why Flash Mobs Work for T-Mobile

Naturally curious and constantly poking his head into everything and anything, Amos believes that experience is the best teacher and is willing to eat, do or learn anything just for the next big idea in advertising. When he isn’t daydreaming, he can be found playing video games, watching good movies or enjoying music. T-Mobile never […]

“Baby Killer” Becomes Healthcare Vote’s “You Lie” [VIDEO]

On Sunday night, the House of Representatives passed a $875 billion healthcare bill with a vote of 219-212. While discussion of the news is currently dominating the social web, a specific moment from the proceedings is also getting attention – a member of the House yelling out “baby killer” as Rep. Bart Stupak was speaking. […]