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LME – Matlab compatibility for Pocket PC

Demonstration of LME – a “matlab compatible” free program for pocket PC. The program is demonstrated on a HP ipaq hx2490 running windows mobile 5.0. LME is short for “Lightweight Math Engine” and is available at: Duration : 0:4:0

Running Iphone on a Sprint PPC 6800

The iphone interface/theme on a sprint ppc 6800 Go to to get this theme for your phone, this can work on any windows mobile touch screen phone besides (treo’s) So dont message me with questions Duration : 0:2:31

PDA Stuff: YouTube on Pocket PC Devices

I found this website called YouTube Pocket. I don’t think it’s affiliated or sponsored in any way by YouTube, but I wish YouTube offered something like it. It allows you to watch ANY YouTube video on a supported Windows Mobile PDA or Smartphone. It involves installing TCPMP media player and the TCPMP FLV plugin. I’m […]