Social Media has an Infection

Social media has and INFECTION and this virus is represented by Politicians! They need to be doing other things with there time! Look at how they waste tax payers money: Go to and sign up share ideas so we can do something about this insanity in the world! WOW am I mad. […]

Jamie Lidell is JIM – Episode 2 of 3

EPISODE 2!!! Ahead of the release of his third album JIM (April 28/29th), here’s part two of Jamie Lidell’s three part Hollywood saga. Jamie Lidell is JIM! As the man himself puts it: At last they’re here… the video’s they didn’t want you to see! Just click and win: sit back and swim in the […]

Seo Tai Ji – Watch Out

(PV)Seo Tai Ji – Watch Out —If you want the song: Duration : 0:5:19