[Live in Vladivostok]Seo Taiji – Internet war(Eng subbed.HQ)

Seo-Taiji Live in Vladivostok (2004.5.) Including 800 people who came from Korea, over 15 thousand Russian people crowded into the Dinamo stadium in Vladivostok, Russia. The concert headlining Cross the limit, Deliver the great sound was recorded as the biggest rock concert in Vladivostok history. (This tour was in celebration of the 120th anniversary of […]

Seo TaiJi in Vladivostok 2005

I intentionally make this video for Seo Tae-Ji because I am a big fan of him and he's my favorite hero since I was a young. I hope he will be greeted enthusiastically from you guys supporting him back, such a kind of a good musician who be judged an objective and a critical evaluation. […]