Gmail Free Calling Offer Extended

Early this month, Google offered military families free $10 international call credits.  The goal was to help soldiers deployed around the world stay in touch with their loved ones.  Now, Google’s also set to make it easier for ordinary U.S. citizens to save money when chatting, as it’s offered free calling in Gmail through the […]

Multiple Gmail Accounts Just Got a Lot Easier to Manage

Google’s announced yet another awesome Gmail feature today. Called e-mail delegation, the feature will allow you to easily manage multiple Gmail accounts without signing in and out of Gmail and switching accounts manually. Originally, e-mail delegation was useful for granting…

Gmail App Learns 44 New Languages

The HTML5 version of the mobile Gmail app hasn’t exactly been friendly towards non-American users to date; English (and indeed what Google calls "U.S. English") was the only language in which it was available.  Now, however, Google’s addressed the problem in a big way. Today, there are 44 new languages on the figurative table, and […]

What if Facebook Goes Search While Google Struggles to Go Social?

Facebook and Google don’t much acknowledge that they’re direct competitors, though there’s no question that in many ways they are. Eric Schmidt recently said Bing was it’s main competitor, and Mark Zuckerberg said its new messaging system isn’t an email killer and that "Gmail is a really good product." It’s true that Bing poses a […]

Should Gmail Be Worried About Facebook?

You’ve no doubt heard or read about Facebook’s new messaging announcement this week. If not, the company announced a new messaging system to combine email, SMS, IM, Chat, and other forms of online communication, bringing them into one inbox. Along with this comes email addresses. CEO Mark Zuckerberg described the system as "starting from […]

Mark Zuckerberg Shares Philosophy Behind New Facebook Messaging System

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke at the Web 2.0 Summit and faced an interrogation from Tim O’Reilly and John Battelle. He spent a good portion of the discussion talking about the new messaging system announced this week.  He said that Facebook was not looking to build an email product, but more what a "modern messaging […]

Facebook can make Email Social but can it Kill Gmail?

Hailing from the Bay Area, Brian has recently been immersed in the social media whirlwind, following a combination of never-ending startups and the big giants (Google, Apple, Facebook). In his free time he is glancing at the stock market, chowing down delicious food, coaching tennis, or hanging with friends. Today, everything is becoming social, including […]

Marketing and Personal Implications of a Facebook Email Service

Rumor has it that Facebook will unveil its webmail product on Monday. That means look out Yahoo Mail. Look out Hotmail, and more interestingly in the grand scheme of things, look out Gmail.  I was going to wait until the official announcement from Facebook on Monday to talk about this, so we can get all […]

Gmail Redesigns the Contact Cards

In the last couple of weeks, Google has been adding tiny improvements to Gmail; two recent ones were Google Maps previews and a redesigned chat window. Now, it <a…

LIVE: Google Makes Major Announcements at Google I/O

Today is the Google I/O Conference in San Francisco. The search giant is making several announcements on Google Wave and many of its other products. Here are my live notes on today’s keynote: Google I/O Keynote: Live Notes – VP of Engineering Vic Gundotra is addressing the crowd with some housekeeping notes and an introduction […]

HOW TO: Find Long Lost Friends on Facebook

Facebook is now an essential unifying force in many people’s social lives — it helps friends arrange events, wish each other “happy birthday,” solidify communities and social bonds, and share recent memories with images. All of that has been always possible by other, less convenient means, but Facebook helps us do one thing that’s unique […]

Google Adds Calendar Invitations to Gmail Messages

If you’re a Gmail user, you may have noticed a surprising new feature in your e-mail account this morning: There’s now an “Insert: Invitation” link adjacent to the “Attach a file” link in each new message you compose. The invitation addition makes scheduling meetings and setting up appointments via Gmail much easier. It also completes […]

FRIDAY POLL: Which iPad Apps are You Most Excited About?

Yes, it’s that time once again, folks — time for the Weekly Poll! So… Have you heard about this thing called the iPad? I think it’s coming out… tomorrow? Yeah, with Steve Jobs’s shiny baby popping up all over TV, pre-orders rolling in and folks already in line to snag one (even if they are […]

Happy Birthday, Gmail!

On April 1, 2004, Gmail was launched as an invite-only beta, instantly creating a revolution in the webmail space. Google’s decision to keep their webmail invite-only kept spammers at bay, which led to the overall perception that Gmail is spam-proof. While this notion is far from truth, Gmail to this day does an excellent job […]

Etacts Transforms Your Gmail into a Contact Management Hub

Etacts, which just presented earlier today at Y Combinator’s Demo Day, is an attempt to bring advanced customer relationship management to your personal contacts list via a few simple features and a slick Gmail integration. Let’s all just agree: Contact management is a pain in the butt. You want to keep in touch with your […]