Indonesian Students to Build and Sell Phones, from Scratch

Indonesian mobile phone brand, IMO, is beginning to give more attention to educational institutes as a form of branding strategy. IMO’s producer, PT Konten Indomedia Pratama is partnering with Gunadarma University and Bina […] Related posts: How Adults Are Using Mobile Phones [INFOGRAPHIC] These days, it is ubiquitous to notice people on public… What Start-up […]

Here’s a Cool, Sleek and Top Selling iPod nano Watch

If you’re looking for a watch, you might want to consider iWatchz, an iPod nano watch. Okay, it isn’t really a watch but it’s a really simple to use ‘Press, Slide, Click’ system to secure your iPod nano 6 in place. Its Q collection was first launched in 24 November last year and was among […]

State of Cloud Computing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today, everything seems to be moving into the cloud. In 2005, investment in cloud computing was about $26 million. But in 2009, the investment grew to $370 million, more than 10 times of what was invested in 2005. What is most impressive is Gartner’s prediction that investment will soar to a whopping $148 billion by 2013. […]

State of Cloud Computing [VIDEO]

Cloud computing seems like a new concept. But it really isn’t. In this video, it is shared that the idea of cloud computing first originated in the 1960s. It wasn’t technically possible back then. It was only until the rise of the Internet, that the concept of cloud computing started to see light. Unless you […]

Social Computing: From Message Boards to Blogs and Beyond

[Recorded Feb 14, 2006] Usenet guru Erik Fair, virtual worlds pioneer and Yahoo! Community Strategist Randy Farmer, LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman, and Six Apart co-founder Mena Trott, together with top Wall Street Journal columnist Kara Swisher, discuss fascinating personal stories and perspectives about social computing: yesterday, today and tomorrow. Duration : 1:34:44