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Apple iOS in China [INFOGRAPHIC]

We got some interesting statistics about the Apple iOS in China, thanks to data from, a China-based mobile analytics company. What strikes us most in the infographic is the percentage of jailbroken […] Related posts: Apple Launches Chinese App Store in China To get into the Chinese market, we must first speak… Apple VS […]

Understanding the rise of China [VIDEO]

Within a decade China will become the largest economy in the world. It’s a huge market but also one that is difficult to understand. One tip given by Martin Jacques, is that China isn’t like the West and it will not become like the West. So, don’t look at China through the Western lenses. To […]

RenRen isn’t as Convenient as Facebook or Twitter

This article is originally published in SocialMediaNZ as a guest post. While businesses in the rest of the world are enjoying the convenience and openness of Facebook and Twitter, businesses in China are struggling to even set up a fan page on Renren. (Thanks to the great firewall, Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China.) […]

Want to Access Banned Sites in China? Get an Amazon Kindle

To their amazement, they are able to access Twitter and Facebook through Amazon’s Kindle without having to manually evade the firewall. Chinese bloggers told the media they were surprised to get access to sites banned by the Chinese authorities. “I still can’t believe it. I casually tried getting to Twitter and what a surprise, I […]

Apple Launches Chinese App Store in China

To get into the Chinese market, we must first speak its language. Apple did exactly that as it launches an application store in simplified Chinese. The Chinese version of the app store is launched after Chinese users complained about the difficulties to understand the app store in English. After opening two new retail stores in […]