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To make money online you want traffic, and heaps of it. And not just any traffic, you need people who will have an interest in your offer – you need centered traffic.

you might have the most exciting and exciting advertising letter, and you might have an offer that nobody would be ready to turn down, but if no one comes to your site to test out what you are saying, you may as well be talking to the wall.

Now imagine for a moment if you might grab a big microphone and make your voice heard at all corners of the web.
Think that would take your business to another level entirely? You are correct. It would.
apart from spending thousands of bucks in PPC and banner advertisement, there really has been no straightforward way to do that. There truly has been no way to flood your internet site with thousands of targeted visitors each day without paying an arm and a leg for each one.

until now that is… What was …

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