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Vanessa Zamora sat down with Kirsten Wright, owner at web design and small business branding firm, Wright Creativity. In this PubCon Las Vegas 2010 video interview, Wright discussed her first experience speaking at PubCon on a session titled "Navigating the Complex Social Media Marketing World," wherein the speakers covered topics that went beyond just Twitter and Facebook, to include branding on Twitter, combining social media with real search, and how to leverage paid social media to enhance marketing campaigns. As a tip, Wright suggests that people look at their last ten tweets to determine if they are contributing good content as a way to be more effective at encouraging two-way communication on the micro-blogging platform Twitter. When sitting down with a client, Wright says it is important to first determine a strategy with the desired results in mind, and that the most important thing to consider is how social media is not a profit making procedure, but more importantly a means to build …

Duration : 4 min 40 sec

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