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Nelson Linder is the Austin branch President of the NAACP:

Alex Jones (the host) is a conspiracy theorist and a supporter of Ron Paul. Ron Paul has been on his show many times:

This is not an endorsement by the NAACP and does not represent their opinion. No press release has been issued:

In another interview Nelson Linder says “I met Ron Paul about 20 years ago on another station and he was doing a presentation and I called in and talked to him.”
It doesn’t sound like he has been a close friend to Ron Paul and could accurately speak about his character. It would be more fair to say he’s know of Ron Paul for 20 years:

Why might Linder support Ron Paul and does this change anything:

Ron Paul voted against MLK holiday:

Ron Paul misrepresents MLK:

Ron Paul spoke out against the 1964 Civil Rights Act:

More fallout from the newsletters:

Jamie Kirchick’s blog:

Thomas DiLorenzo says it’s a conspiracy:

A response to DiLorenzo:

Open letter to Lew Rockwell:

Tom Palmer of The Cato Institute
says the chickens have come home:

So how did Kirchick find the newsletters? By searching here:

The interview was shortened, hear the entire interview at Alex Jones’ website here:

Duration : 0:6:53

[youtube tvAuSXq5etA]