An extended outtake sequence from director Ron Howard’s “Funny or Die’s Presidential Reunion” featuring Will Ferrell as George W. Bush and Dana Carvey as George Bush Sr. is making the rounds on the Internet. The original clip has attracted almost three million views.

This new outtake clip is an extended conversation (two minutes and 35 seconds compared to just a few seconds in the original version) with Ferrell and Carvey riffing off of one another in their roles. Some father and son issues start to bubble up (pardon the pun) and things get a little weird.

Funny or Die produced and distributed the Ron Howard-directed “Presidential Reunion” skit, which brought together two decades of Saturday Night Live presidents — Ferrell as George W. Bush, Carvey as Bush Sr., Fred Armisen as Barack Obama, Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton, Dan Akroyd as Jimmy Carter, Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford and surprisingly, Jim Carrey as Ronald Reagan. It also features Maya Rudolph as a weight-lifting Michelle Obama.

The video directed viewers’ attention to financial aid reform organization Main Street Brigade. We’ve embedded the new Carvey and Ferrell outtake below, along with the original video and two other outtake videos.

Bush Sr. vs. Bush Jr.

Funny or Die’s Presidential Reunion

Behind the Scenes

Dana Carvey Dream Sequence

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