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Project PPC Domination is a brand new PPC training course by Jim Yaghi, the guy personally runs all of the PPC campaigns for Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring and has made multi-million dollars for Mike and his company… so he definitely knows his stuff.

The training comes with 12 training videos (and two vids for introduction and conclusion), two recorded content packed webinars, and 3 pdf files of easy to follow diagrams and mindmaps.

Jim takes you step by step, from setting up an account, keyword research, creating and monitoring campaigns, creating effective landing pages, and much much more. Beginners as well as veterans can take away golden nuggets from the course.

Jim does a great job of breaking down the complex subject and presenting it in a way even someone new to PPC can understand.

Although the techniques Jim covers in this course apply to PPC marketing in general, this course was created for network marketers (which is great for those in the industry as there is no other PPC training course out there today specific for the industry).

Drop by the site and you’ll be treated to two free training videos that demonstrate how to generate 2,400+ free leads per month using google adwords. Not a bad deal 🙂

If you are into MLM or network marketing, you’ll definitely want to check this out

Duration : 0:6:5

[youtube 9www8npma8U]