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AOL Gets Big on Video

AOL has launched a new AOL Video division, which the company says will aggregate its online video library assets under one "strategic umbrella." The company also says it delivers on the entire video value chain from creation through syndication to distribution, consumer experience and monetization.  YouTube has a new competitor. AOL’s video streams increased from […]

The YouTube Ad of the Year is…

In the inaugural YouTube Ad of the Year awards, Sussex Safer Roads’ ‘Embrace Life’ took top honours.  The spot beat out other strong contenders including Old Spice’s ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ and ‘O2 Gorillaz’ by VCCP. As part of winning the award, it received the prize of a YouTube homepage takeover worth […]

US-Sino Currency Rap Battle on YouTube [VIDEO]

One week and over 200k hits, this video has the potential to go viral. The animation video depicts the ongoing economic tension between U.S and China in a humorous manner. It also mentions some controversial issues like Liu Xiao Bo, the recent Nobel Peace Prize recipient and the relationship between IMF and the U.S. I’m […]

Is a Shake-Up Brewing in the Search Market?

More WebProNews Videos Google has been dominating the search market for years. Simply put, if you ask most people to search for something on the web, their first instinct is to go to Google. More and more people might be getting reprogrammed to go to Bing, however. The "decision engine" still has a ways to […]

An Inside “Look” at Showtime’s New Voyeuristic Series

Approximately 30 million surveillance cameras in the U.S. capture people’s lives on tape every day. In fact, it’s legal to keep such cameras inside dressing rooms in 37 states. And the ongoing popularity of sites like YouTube and Twitter has…

YouTube Goes After Higher Quality Content and Footage

YouTube has said that it will be sponsoring higher quality content and supporting ultra-high quality digital video. These two announcements come just days after the launch of the beta version of YouTube Leanback, the next phase in the company’s…

Can YouTube Make the Jump to Your TV With Leanback?

YouTube is not only expanding its reach on mobile devices, but it has its eye on your living room, too. Today, the company is launching the beta version of YouTube Leanback, the company’s biggest attempt yet to…

161 of the Best Videos on YouTube

We spend a lot of time here at Mashable finding the very best videos that the Internet has to offer. It’s a tough job wading though hundreds of thousands of videos, but we’re committed to finding the ones we think…

Is Google Discriminating Against “Cougars?”

A website called CougarLife, a dating network targeted toward “women in their prime,” has called Google out for sexism because the search engine has classified CougarLife ads as not safe for families. But CougarLife’s CEO says Google doesn’t make the same distinction for “sugar daddy”-type dating sites, whose ads can be seen by anyone. A […]

LinkedIn Launched Seven Years Ago Today

It took a tweet from LinkedIn Senior Director of Corporate Communications Kay Luo for us to find out, but it’s true: LinkedIn turns seven years old today. While LinkedIn was founded in December of 2002, the actual website didn’t launch until May 5, 2003. That makes it older than Facebook (2004), Twitter (2006), YouTube (2005), […]

Apple Didn’t Kill Flash, HTML5 Did

The battle over Flash and its role (or lack thereof) on the iPhone really came to a head today when Apple CEO Steve Jobs published an open letter expressing why his company won’t support Flash on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen spoke with the Wall Street Journal to deliver his […]

“Toy Story 3? Builds Online Buzz with 1980’s Inspired Commercials [VIDEO]

Pixar is taking viral movie marketing to a new level with Toy Story 3 by creating authentic looking vintage toy commercials for one of the new characters in the film. This is just the latest example of Hollywood using viral video to blur the lines between fiction and reality. YouTube user MrCrazycommercials has uploaded lots […]

M.I.A’s “Born Free” Video Pulled by YouTube

The music video for British artist M.I.A.’s new single “Born Free” has been pulled from the U.S. and UK YouTube sites — not for any legal or copyright reason, but because the video’s content was deemed too extreme for the site. The video depicts an American police or military force storming an apartment complex, destroying […]