Windows Live Messenger for PPC

as seen on WM6 crossbow! A quick look into windows live messenger for PPC… it is true… it really is out there! If you live in the USA i think you can download it now… UK will have to wait (unless you have friends) haha (i have had this phone for a week now and […]

Windows vista on ppc and on psp

This is a video about windows vista running on a pocket pc and a psp. Obviously they are fake as vista can’t even run well on PCs (except if it’s a high end one). The psp one is just a web page being viewed offline and the pocket pc one is being done via a […]

How-to install ROM's on your Pocket PC

I have received tons of emails asking me how to install ROM’s on Windows mobile devices. So here is the tutorial. Links you will need: and Duration : 0:9:11

Pocket pc TOUCHFLO and other programs

This is a video about the touchflo on my HTC P3600 and some other programs. I hope you’ll like the video and if you do, please rate and consider subscribing to be the first one to see my newest videos in the future. Faq: The games and nearly all programs where downloaded from The […]

PDA Stuff: YouTube on Pocket PC Devices

I found this website called YouTube Pocket. I don’t think it’s affiliated or sponsored in any way by YouTube, but I wish YouTube offered something like it. It allows you to watch ANY YouTube video on a supported Windows Mobile PDA or Smartphone. It involves installing TCPMP media player and the TCPMP FLV plugin. I’m […]