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Fashion Brands Using Facebook To Best Effect

Lots of companies have a strong presence on Facebook, with Chipotle, Ford, and NBC all making significant moves just this week.  But when it comes to effective marketing in the UK, new data from Experian Hitwise indicates that fashion brands know how to use Facebook best. Robin Goad, who shared that finding in a corporate […]

One Thing Small Businesses Can Do Just as Well as Walmart

Take a look at what Walmart’s doing on Facebook. The retail giant has put together a Groupon-like model for driving sales via its Facebook page, with a Facebook called CrowdSaver. Hat tip to The Next Web for pointing this out.  Walmart’s fans can look at the possible deals Walmart has come up with, and if […]

Power newsletters with internet videos for emotional marketing

Instead of Google Adwords, PPC, co-regs combine the known power of newsletter pull with the hottest tactic of internet videos. Great for multiproduct promotion, ideal for positioning guru, expert, maven marketing. Emotional marketing tool Duration : 0:3:54