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Apple iOS in China [INFOGRAPHIC]

We got some interesting statistics about the Apple iOS in China, thanks to data from, a China-based mobile analytics company. What strikes us most in the infographic is the percentage of jailbroken […] Related posts: Apple Launches Chinese App Store in China To get into the Chinese market, we must first speak… Apple VS […]

China’s Internet Economy Can’t Stop Growing

According to latest statistics by iResearch, China’s Internet economy reached 45.67 billion Yuan (approximately 7 billion USD) in the last quarter of 2010. The figure was up 9.9% from Q3 2010. Judging from the data indicators, China’s overall Internet economy achieved fast growth throughout last year. The growth for each quarter was all above 50% […]


We wish you a Merry Christmas. Have fun, take time off the web and spend the day with your family and friends. You deserve a break. #MerryChristmas Related posts:We Wish You A Very Merry Christmas! This is definitely a season to be jolly, and a…Apple VS Microsoft in Q4 2010 [INFOGRAPHIC] Astonishing statistics about the current state […]

How to Pick a Start-up Funding Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Looking for start-up fund is a taxing task. The idea, pitch, investment sum and people are factors to consider when doing so (tips on one sentence pitch here). You should first understand your potential investors background before pitching. Are they angel investors or venture capitalists? Next, you also have to consider your funding strategy that […]

Thanks to Our Data, Facebook likely to hit $2 Billion Sales This Year

According to Bloomberg’s sources, Facebook could hit $2 billion in sales this year. With over 500 million active users and 700 billion display ads a year, this figure didn’t come as a surprise. If the figure were indeed true, that would mean that more than 60 percent of the world’s social networking spending is coming from […]

State of Cloud Computing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today, everything seems to be moving into the cloud. In 2005, investment in cloud computing was about $26 million. But in 2009, the investment grew to $370 million, more than 10 times of what was invested in 2005. What is most impressive is Gartner’s prediction that investment will soar to a whopping $148 billion by 2013. […]

Web Technologies, Games and The Future of Learning

We understand how technology has affected the business landscape. How about education? Are whiteboards, PowerPoint slides and projectors the best that we can do? I doubt so. So, how have educational thought leaders and organizations embraced technology? And what are the implications towards the future of learning? In this article we’ll explore three different ways how […]

Apple VS Microsoft in Q4 2010 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Astonishing statistics about the current state of Apple and Microsoft products in Q4 of 2010 – displaying what people are buying  from these two companies and how much. Children are actually wishing for Apple products this Christmas, they do not even want their Barbie dolls or LEGO anymore. Is that surprising? Not so much for […]

Facebook can make Email Social but can it Kill Gmail?

Hailing from the Bay Area, Brian has recently been immersed in the social media whirlwind, following a combination of never-ending startups and the big giants (Google, Apple, Facebook). In his free time he is glancing at the stock market, chowing down delicious food, coaching tennis, or hanging with friends. Today, everything is becoming social, including […]

YouTube Video Resumes Are Ingenious [VIDEOS]

We have seen how people use Google AdWords and Google styled resume to get employers’ attention. Now, add YouTube into this portfolio. Several months ago, Graeme Anthony, a PR practitioner created a series of video resumes through YouTube. The video is simple, cool and to the point. At the end of the introduction video appears […]

MYTH: Social Media Makes People Less Social

Finally, I’m glad that to announce that new research from ExactTarget has burst the bubble of the notion that technology alienates people with their freshly-baked statistics. It is proven there is a co-relation between increased social media usage and increased offline interaction – as users increase their Facebook and Twitter usage, they also tend to increase […]