Facebook Sued for $1.00 After Labeling David Fagin a Spammer

After being blocked by Facebook from sending friend requests, David Fagin has decided to sue the company for…a dollar. It sounds silly, but Fagin, actually brings up some fairly interesting points. He even went so far as to issue a … Continue reading →

Google Has a New Social Experiment

A new experiment has appeared in Google Labs. It’s called Google Shared Spaces.  It’s hard to provide too much info about it at this point, because when you try to access it (after signing in with your Google account, which it requests) it only gives you a 404. Several people commenting on the site indicate […]

Baba Live on the Night of Miracles! – Free Conference Call

Datta Live on the Night of Miracles – Free Conference Call To receive newsletters with breaking news, visit http://www.SivaBaba.org, and subscribe to newsletter. You will receive news about this course and upcoming courses. The most important date of the Year 2008 is March 5th in the U.S. and March 6th in India. It is called […]