Social Media In Asia [INFOGRAPHIC]

The folks at Edelman did a neat infographic to map out social media usage across Asia. Some key insights, courtesy of Edelman Digital, who are also social media thought leaders themselves: Facebook dominates the […] Related posts: Social Media: The Air Asia Way Day one of iStrategy 2010 kicks off with an insightful… How Asia responds […]

Understanding The Real Cost of Social Media

I’m no expert, but it annoys me when people say that it is free to employ social media for marketing purposes. I hear that a lot, especially when fellow schoolmates present on their […] Related posts: Understanding Women In Social Media [INFOGRPAHIC] Women rule social media, and they still do. Ethan Bloch,… Understanding Gen Y […]

How Asia responds to Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media, Asians have certain peculiar engagement needs and the following excerpts from a study will help you discover them. Covering 15 countries including Singapore, China and India the […] Related posts: Social Media Marketing in The Rising Market, Asia [STATS] Google CEO Eric Schmidt told us through his speech that… […]

Super Bowl XLV Social Media Marketing

Super Bowl XLV promised to be the ‘Social Bowl’ of advertising with commercials predicted to be more ingrained in social media than ever before.  Starting with early nods to Pepsi Max and Doritos whose Crash the Super Bowl contest put six ads, all created and voted on by consumers, in the Sunday line-up.  As well […]

Email Drives More Traffic To Retailer Websites Than Social Media

Traditional marketing provides a better return on investment (ROI) for retailers than social media, according to a new report from ForeSee Results.  Do you find email to be more effective than social media? Let us know in the comments. The report found that social media interactions are a main influence for only 5 percent of […]

Social Media Analytics & Internet Marketing

As social media keeps providing new marketing opportunities, in addition to a way for online users to simply pass the time, the need for social analytics is becoming more pressing. Utilizing reporting tools that are available online today can help Internet marketers continue to shape their social media strategy and overall online interaction… [[ This […]

Indian Social Networking Wars: Facebook vs Orkut

In my previous post on Social Media in India: Statistics and Insights, I wrote about the top social networking trends in India. It depicted the importance of social media marketing and why brands should use social media to their advantage. Now I have taken it up to another level where I have studied the 2 best […]

Social Media Marketing in the U.S [INFOGRAPHIC]

In 2010, advertisers spent $1.7 billion on social media marketing in the U.S. So, where did most of the ad spending go to? Answer: Facebook. Facebook owned more than half of the total ad spending in the U.S last year. The recently revamped MySpace owned 17 percent while Twitter took a modest 3 percent. What’s […]

Here’s an Email Marketing Checklist

Email remains an important channel in reaching consumers through the Internet. Its popularity is certainly above Facebook’s. But a busy digital marketer could miss some points when rolling out his or her email campaign. Worry not as we have a checklist below to make sure you don’t miss a thing in your email campaign. Besides […]

What could happen in Social Media in 2 Hours? Be Surprised

In 2 hours, many things could happen on the Internet. Petra Neiger, a Cisco employee and blogger, got inspired to find out what could have happened in the social media sphere after spending 2 painful hours travelling from San Jose to the San Francisco International Airport last week (catch her story here). Her research on […]

Hitlantis is a Gorgeous World of Indie Music

Penn Olson features start-ups. Find out more here. If you’re into music, you got to check out Hitlantis, a Finland-based free-to-listen indie music web start-up. I’m promoting it with strong reasons. My first on-trial impression was great. After signing up (takes just 30 seconds), you are thrown straight into its music database and greeted by a […]

The Social Path to Organizational Transformation

Social media and marketing have become synonymous over the years. At the same time, social media is placing the customer back in customer service. Each movement represents important and overdue (r)evolutions within business, but this is just the beginning. With every step toward progress we make in social media, we uncover what’s necessary to make […]

Email Marketing to be a Top Priority in 2011

Email and social media will be the highest marketing priorities for many Web businesses in 2011, according to a recent Zoomerang survey commissioned by Strongmail. Of nearly 1,000 businesses polled, 65 percent intend to increase spending on their email marketing campaigns for the coming year. The insurgence of targeting technologies and practices… [[ This is […]

Samsung shares its Social Media Success

Ever wonder how social media buttons and plugins can increase your website engagement rate and traffic? Samsung, the world’s largest technology company by sales, has some insights to share. Earlier this Fall, Samsung re-launched its U.S. website with a focus on consumer engagement, driving social media experiences and online community participation. By adding a number […]

Hashable Makes Twitter #Intro Social

Penn Olson features start-ups. Find out more here. Twitter introduces relevant people to its users through an algorithm. It’s good… but shouldn’t introductions be made through a real connector? It should be more personal and social. It shouldn’t be a one way event where you hit the follow button and hope that the person you just […]