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Google and Tech Companies Fight Against New India Censorship Rule

The Indian government has issued new regulations for the censorship of online content that is causing some strong reactions in the IT industry. Some companies, including Google, are asserting their objection to the […] Related posts: US State Dept marks $19M to fight censorship in China, Iran Following Senator Dick Durbin’s letter to Baidu last […]

The Singapore General Election Buzz [Visualization]

This is the first time in Singapore’s history that social media has played a huge role in the General Election. To “celebrate” this, Tribal DDB and Brandtology teamed up for a project titled […] Related posts: The Best Facebook Trick in Singapore General Election Thanks to Nicole Seah, I’m slowly getting into this whole… Singapore […]

Facebook is 3rd Favorite Online Source for Election News in Singapore

A study commissioned by Today revealed that the 17.4 percent of Internet users in Singapore rely on Facebook for General Election news, making it the third favorite online source in the country. Yahoo […] Related posts: Microblogs: The Third Favorite Online News Source in China Microblogs like Sina Weibo are the third favorite online news… […]