Is the State of the News Industry “Pathetic”?

Mashable founder Pete Cashmore tweeted that Monday was the biggest traffic day ever for the publication (in terms of unique visitors. Clearly, it stands to reason that the death of Osama bin Laden and the site’s tendency to show up … Continue reading →

Groupon's CEO Pegs 2010 Revenue At $760 Million

When Groupon was said to have turned down a $6 billion acquisition offer from Google, many onlookers wondered what could possibly have motivated that decision.  Now we know: the ability to earn $760 million in revenue in 2010, along with the goal of bringing in over a billion this year. Those figures were mentioned in […]

E-commerce Keyword Research

The reason that it is important to stay informed about feature changes at major services is because it enables you to both understand how consumers locate, identify, and experience your products (in the case of e-commerce merchants. Google made a small but rather meaningful update related to its "Instant" search feature severak weeks… [[ This […]

10 Successful Indian Brands in Twitter

There are about 5 million Twitter users in India. This figure is nothing compared to Facebook’s 20 million and Orkut’s 18 million. Despite Twitter’s relatively low user count, brands in India are starting to embrace the micro-blogging platform. Why? The reason is simple: Twitter is growing so quickly that it is poised to be the Next […]

Alibaba Invests $4 Billion and May Surpass Walmart in Sales

Alibaba Group and its financing partners plan to invest 30 billion yuan ($4.5 billion USD) to build warehouses across China. The reason? Alibaba wants to meet a 10-year goal of delivering any online order in China within eight hours. It’s an ambitious goal. The warehouses will occupy 3 million square meters (560 American football fields) […]

Groupon: We're the Savior for Small Businesses

Legend has it that Groupon turned down a $6 billion offer from Google, which if accepted would have been Google’s biggest acquisition to date. Time will tell if this was a smart move or not, but Andrew Mason, Groupon’s CEO seems fairly confident in the company’s future. Do you think Groupon will remain independent? Will […]

Who Will Buy the iPad? [STATS]

Wondering just who put in a pre-order for the coveted iPad? The NPD Group just released a new market research report assessing consumer awareness and interest in Apple’s iPad. Unsurprisingly, current Apple owners are most excited about the product — 24% of Apple owners said they were very interested or extremely interested in buying an […]

Ron Paul addresses charges of racism on CNN

reason editor Matt Welch discusses the controversy surrounding Ron Paul on CNN’s Situation Room. Paul is questioned by Wolf Blitzer on the content of his newsletters. Duration : 0:8:35