Google Panda Update Gets Animated (And Kind of Weird)

I stumbled across the above video today, uploaded by a HubPages author. HubPages, as you may know, was one of the sites hit hard by Google’s Panda update, and its CEO Paul Edmondson has been rather vocal about the update …

Panda Effects? eHow Not Ranking for Likely Google Trend

Looking at Google Trends today, I noticed that the phrase “how to write a resume” made the list. I couldn’t help but wonder if Demand Media’s eHow was dominating the search results for the query, given the site’s general how-to …

Are Some Sites Recovering From The Google Panda Update?

It would appear that some of the victims of Google’s Panda algorithm update are starting to see at least slight recoveries after using some elbow grease. A couple examples of sites that have gained some attention for upswings in traffic …

Google Panda Update: New Advice Directly From Google

Google’s Panda update left a slew of victims in the wake of its warpath (the war, of course being on shallow and low-quality content). While Google has dropped some hints here and there on its philosophies for what it considers … Continue reading →

Listen Up, Folks: Google Finally Talks Panda

We've written a lot about Google's recent algorithm update nicknamed Panda and how it might affect businesses on the Web. On Friday, Google officially wrote about the changes for the first time, at least in terms of what it hopes to achieve and how websites can better align themselves with the search engine's goals. The […]

Mozilla Promotes Firefox 4 With Red Panda "Cub Cam"

The Chrome and Internet Explorer teams can talk all they want about supposed advances in speed, compatibility, and/or advanced features.  Right now, Mozilla’s software has an edge, as the organization’s using two red panda cubs to promote Firefox 4. A post on the Mozilla Blog explained, "On June 14, 2010, two female firefox (a.k.a red […]