Chatroulette Continues to Spur Creativity with Speed Painting [VIDEO]

Despite being 14% pervert, Chatroulette is turning out to be a font of creative inspiration. From Merton and Ben Folds to would-be Lady Gagas, Travelocity gnomes and Medieval parodies, there’s no shortage of unintended yet interesting uses of the video chat platform. Enter the latest in this category: speed painting. Instead of composing a spontaneous […]

Darin: Oil Portrait Painting demo by David R. Darrow

(View in Hi-Rez by adding &fmt=18 to the URL) A painting demonstration I gave at the end of 2006. I took this video down temporarily because of an audio (narration) goof-up that was pointed out by a fellow artist. I finally got around to re-recording that portion. To receive a free e-mail newsletter with […]