Free Music Monday: 10 Free Tracks

Hey there, music fans! Thanks for joining us for Free Music Monday this week, where we offer you 10 free downloads for your eclectic listening pleasure. If you haven’t been with us before, we’re collating free and legal tracks in honor of the #musicmonday tradition on Twitter. We happily accept your submissions for Free Music […]

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Social Media has an Infection

Social media has and INFECTION and this virus is represented by Politicians! They need to be doing other things with there time! Look at how they waste tax payers money: Go to and sign up share ideas so we can do something about this insanity in the world! WOW am I mad. […]

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Social Media: Everyone Knows Everything About Everyone

Complete video at: Topix CEO Chris Tolles examines the influence technology will have on social connections 20 years down the road. “You’re going to know everything, about everybody – and that becomes incredibly useful,” he says. —– Yesterday’s consumers are today’s participants. What have you heard them say about your brand lately? This International […]

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