Windows Live Messenger for PPC

as seen on WM6 crossbow! A quick look into windows live messenger for PPC… it is true… it really is out there! If you live in the USA i think you can download it now… UK will have to wait (unless you have friends) haha (i have had this phone for a week now and […]

[Live in Vladivostok]Seo Taiji – Internet war(Eng subbed.HQ)

Seo-Taiji Live in Vladivostok (2004.5.) Including 800 people who came from Korea, over 15 thousand Russian people crowded into the Dinamo stadium in Vladivostok, Russia. The concert headlining Cross the limit, Deliver the great sound was recorded as the biggest rock concert in Vladivostok history. (This tour was in celebration of the 120th anniversary of […]

Search Buzz 02/20/09 – Yahoo Video Ads, Google AdWords SearchWiki – I covered a lot of news in this 10 minute video. I wish I could make them longer, but YouTube has a 10 minute limit. In this recap, I covered the Yahoo Search video ads. Google tests SearchWiki on AdWords. Google now lets publishers pick their fonts. Google decided to slap AdWords advertisers […]

HQ 081130 Seo Tai Ji – Comeback @ Inkigayo (SBS ????) – Moai + Human Dream

STJ comes to rescue the ever-failing Korean music industry with an army of pink robots xD ???!! ???? This performance is so epic+cute xDD Seo Tai Ji clads a silver backpack when he performs ‘Human Dream’ rofl thats badass xD Bit cut that he didn’t perform ‘T’ik T’ak’ though. Seo Tai Ji will be performing […]

Search Buzz 11/2/08 – Halloween, Google AdWords & On Obama – I am a bit under the weather in this video recap, but I hope you like it. I discuss the Halloween logos from Google, Yahoo,,, DogPile, FriendFeed, and other search related sites. I talk about Google’s changes to their quality score. Google Alerts added RSS as an option. Google uses OCR […]