The World is Obsessed with Facebook [VIDEO]

The world is obsessed with Facebook and that includes Asia. 143 million out of 825 million Internet users in Asia are Facebook users. That is 1 Facebook users out of every 6 Asian […] Related posts: The Most Watched World Cup Video Is… …the official theme song for this year’s World Cup, Waka… How the […]

Will Apple Release iPad 3 in the Fall?

Apple is entering a new phase for the iPad … competition. On the heals of HP announcing the HP Touchpad today, Daring Fireball blogger John Gruber speculated that Apple could release an iPad 3 about the same time as HP releases the HP Touchpad: "Summer feels like a long time away. If my theory is […]

Yelp gets an Unofficial Theme Song [VIDEO]

Alex, Aaron and Rachel are the three geniuses who created this unofficial theme song for Yelp. The song communicates how Yelp has helped in different situations in life in a humorous fashion. It sure took a lot of effort to create the video. But I guess when you really love a product, it is worth going […]

Acquisition Rumors Link Google, Groupon

Daily deals site Groupon might soon become the property of another company whose name starts with "G" and contains a couple "o"s, according to a new report.  Supposedly Google (the company in question, if you couldn’t guess) is willing to write a pretty big check, too. Kara Swisher reported earlier this morning, "According to multiple […]

iPad Gets the Microwave Treatment

Poor iPad. It’s only been on the market for a month, and it’s already been crashed to bits with a baseball bat, blended and generally abused in every possible way. In hopefully the last act of agression against this beautiful piece of technology, the iPad has now also been microwaved. As always, it’s not hard […]

Apple Tries to Trademark App Icons

Apple has filed trademark motions for its official iPhone and iPad app icons with minutely detailed descriptions. Here’s the description for the MobileMe iDisk, for instance: “The mark consists of a rectangle with rounded corners depicting a stylized white cloud on a blue background.” Descriptions are accompanied by large image files of the icons. As […]

Cameron: Don’t Watch Avatar on Your iPhone. Or Laptop.

We agree: the Avatar is an amazing cinematic experience, best seen in the cinema or a huge TV (preferrably 3D, if you can afford it). Today, however, people are used to consume multimedia on a variety of screen sizes, and watching a full-length movie on a cell phone, laptop, or a tablet isn’t unusual. James […]

Opera Mini Submitted to Apple’s App Store. Your Move, Apple

Opera is playing a somewhat odd game with Apple. Their Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers are great mobile browsers, but the iPhone already has a great mobile browser — Safari. This fact alone wouldn’t be that big of a problem if Apple’s rules weren’t prohibiting other apps to duplicate the functionality of their own […]