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Japan has a Group-Buying Site for Premium Goods Only

Behold. Sorevo, a group-buying site which offers premium-products-only was recently launched in Japan. Like most group-buying site, offers for these premium products only come to fruition if enough orders were accumulated within a limited period of time. […] Related posts: The Group Buying Battleground in Singapore For a small country like Singapore, it is surprising that… Tuanyouhui Aggregates Group […]

Five Ways to Build Your Own Groupon

Group coupon buying has overrun the Internet. A $6 billion buyout offer of from Google should be enough evidence of that. Now, Groupon is getting hit from all sides. LivingSocial has turned up the heat, has introduced group coupon buying, Google is working on their own solution, Facebook won't be far behind and […]

Groupon HK’s Local Strategy: Now partners with China’s Foursquare, Jiepang

This is when group buying fusions with location-based service (LBS) in Asia: Groupon Hong Kong has made the initiative to partner with Chinese location-based service, Jiepang (loosely translated as street side). For those who don’t know, Jiepang is a location-based service founded by David Liu. Liu tried Foursquare in the U.S and felt that this […]

Groupon and Tencent to Joint Venture in China?

Groupon usually adopts an acquisition approach when entering a new market. In Asia, Groupon had already acquired clone sites in India, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan. But without China and its 1.3 billion-population market, Groupon’s quest in Asia will never be completed. Groupon realizes that it needs an experience partner and it seems that China’s largest […]

LivingSocial Invests in Spanish Group-Buying Site

LivingSocial, the social commerce site, added to its international expansion today with a controlling interest in Spain’s Let’s Bonus. The deal gives LivingSocial the ability to speak to consumers in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, and gives the… Enters Group-Buying Space

Local search site and advertising network is making its ways into the red hot daily deals space, announcing today that it has acquired group buying platform iTwango. “We believe that the group-buying model is a powerful new development in local advertising that effectively closes the gap between online research and offline… [[ This is […]

Group Buying: Should Small Businesses Jump In?

This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business. A new “group…