On Taobao.com, You Can Buy Yourself a Lamborghini Supercar Online

On Taobao, China’s biggest consumer ecommerce site, Chinese netizens could now buy themselves something a bit more special than the usual clothes or gadgets – a Lamborghini supercar. The Italian automaker is one […] Related posts: Gap Launches Online Store on Taobao Mall We can now add one more big brand on Taobao… Levi’s launches […]

Apps Show Flexibility of Softlayer’s Open API

Web host and data center SoftLayer recently released sample code for Windows® 7 and Mac OS® X apps for monitoring SoftLayer server information. Customers of SoftLayer can use the API to create custom applications or control processes of any size like the desktop gadgets to larger-scale infrastructure management workflows that… [[ This is a content […]

Google Has a New Social Experiment

A new experiment has appeared in Google Labs. It’s called Google Shared Spaces.  It’s hard to provide too much info about it at this point, because when you try to access it (after signing in with your Google account, which it requests) it only gives you a 404. Several people commenting on the site indicate […]

10 Crazy Gadgets for Cats and Dogs

Why should we have all the fun with our great human gadgetry? Thanks to the plethora of available pet-themed gadgets, our four-legged friends can enjoy some awesome tech action too. From the ridiculous (a doggie treadmill?) to the sublime (bacon-flavored…

10 Useful Gadgets for Connected Teens

This post originally appeared on My Life Scoop, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about using social media and technology for a more connected life. Knowing what gifts to buy teens can be a tough call — after all, what was…

iPad Made of Gold Will Set You Back $189,000

Thinking of buying an iPad, but the $829 price tag for the top model just sounds too plebeian for you? UK-based company Stuart Hughes, specialized in luxury gadgets, comes to the rescue with a solid gold, diamond-encrusted version of Apple’s magical and revolutionary tablet. The price is £129,995 or approximately $189,125, but it will buy […]

Google Acquires Widget Creator LabPixies

Another week, another Google acquisition. This time, it’s LabPixies, a company Google has worked with on creating many of the gadgets (or widgets, as everyone else besides Google calls them) for Google’s personalized portal iGoogle. LabPixies has been acquired for an undisclosed sum, and it will join the iGoogle team to help expand iGoogle across […]

Hulu iPad App on the Way, Possibly Subscription Model? [RUMOR]

It comes as a shock to no one that Hulu is most probably working on an iPad app, as four different sources have told the New York Times. Those sources also say the company is interested in testing out a subscription model in the iPad version. Hulu CEO Jason Kilar, who has been traditionally tight-lipped […]

WTFJeans Have Special Pockets for All Your Gadgets

If you were ever frustrated by the lack of iPhone/iPod touch pocket on your jeans, here’s a treat for you: wtfJeans. This freshly launched indie jeans brand was just a blueprint three months ago, but things happen fast on the Internet, and now you can order them from the online shop, in boy/girl varieties. What’s […]

Telemarketing: Comcast's Traffic Shaping Feature

http://geeks.pirillo.com – So this telemarketer from Comcast called me the other night. He attempted to sell me their Triple Play package. He kept letting me know how much I needed their services… even though I already have them. Once it became apparent that the guy had no clue what their services actually ARE and what […]

Social Media Questions and Answers

http://live.pirillo.com – Social Media is a huge word in my community. It can be defined in a variety of ways. It’s a way for you to be yourself on the Web, using Websites that are available to upload pictures, text and more. I’ve been doing this long before there was even a Web, so I’ve […]