Fun With Google Translate

Translation tools, while useful, aren’t always what you would call “fun to play around with.” But that’s not entirely accurate, as people have found a couple of ways to mess around with the audio language translation to make it a …

9 Things Businesses Have Learned About Social Media

Social media has walked the fiery coals of skepticism and has brilliantly performed as a marketing, customer service and relationship building tool beyond expectations. All size businesses have taken the polar bear plunge into what felt like an alien way of communicating with their customers. When businesses began using Facebook fan pages, Twitter, engaging on […]

Gmail Free Calling Offer Extended

Early this month, Google offered military families free $10 international call credits.  The goal was to help soldiers deployed around the world stay in touch with their loved ones.  Now, Google’s also set to make it easier for ordinary U.S. citizens to save money when chatting, as it’s offered free calling in Gmail through the […]

10 Fun Facebook Accessories

The Internet’s love affair with Facebook might hit a rough patch from time to time, but there’s no denying that it’s the social networking giant that keeps us connected to everyone and everything we like in one easy…

iPhone-Controlled Parrot AR.Drone: $299 This September [VIDEO]

Parrot’s AR.Drone is a unique combination of fun, iPhone-controlled quadricopter hardware and a promising new platform for augmented reality (AR) gaming applications. The AR.Drone will be launching in the U.S. this September at a price point of $299. We…

HOW TO: Create Free Music Playlists Online

Sharing music can be as much fun as listening to it. There are a large number of legal services online that allow you to share songs with friends, but some require paid accounts and software downloads, while others suffer from restricted geographic availability. So, in the spirit of mixtapes from years gone by here we’ve […]

Recession Proof your Income (Internet Network Marketing) Recession Proof your Income (Internet Network Marketing) Everybody knows that in today’s economy you cant count on a traditional JOB to make a living. Everybody is saying that with all the downsizing that is happening today you don’t know if you will have a JOB tomorrow or not. Do you like living with that […]

Viral Marketing at Death Star Germany

OK, I give in. Due to overwhelming popular request and to celebrate the 1st anniversary of my German surprise hit (see my other movies) here’s finally an English version. I present it with the utmost respect for the creators, actors, staff and all other participants of the original STAR WARS movie and without any intensions […]