“Glee” Explained in 60 Seconds [VIDEO]

Are you confused by this whole “Glee“ thing currently overtaking the Interwebs? Then watch this video that the brilliant minds at Babelgum and LandlineTV put together. This parody pretty much sums up everything you need to know about FOX’s hit TV show in just over a minute. After you get clued in, we highly recommending […]

Baby Mink from a Google AdWords Partner Fur Farm in China

This video is part of the new campaign at http://FurIsEvil.org to challenge Google to lead the way to a fur-free future by banning fur ads on Google’s global ad network. The video does NOT contain any graphic violence. Just the truth about Google’s role in the fur business. (Please see credits for sources of all […]

Success University Residual Income Network Marketing MLM Biz

Success University Fox News Report MLM Network Marketing Online Residual Income Business Passive Income Work From Home Jason Cardamone Matt Morris I Will Help YOU Succeed Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, My Team Grows 100% Through The Internet (No Selling), But We DO Fully Support, Coach, and Mentor Our Teams. We ARE One Of The Fastest […]

1. High Cost of Medicine – Marketing Disease/Pushing Drugs

__Expand to see INDEX__ For years, drug companies (pharmaceuticals AKA Big Pharma) have been taking the public for a costly ride and making a killing in the process — seriously, a lot of people are dying as a result. In this documentary, find out how Big Pharma’s clever politics and marketing schemes are tailored specifically […]