Yelp gets an Unofficial Theme Song [VIDEO]

Alex, Aaron and Rachel are the three geniuses who created this unofficial theme song for Yelp. The song communicates how Yelp has helped in different situations in life in a humorous fashion. It sure took a lot of effort to create the video. But I guess when you really love a product, it is worth going […]

Here’s The New Digg [SCREENSHOTS]

Social news site Digg is set to launch a large overhaul of its service very soon. The new site has already entered Alpha testing, and one such tester…

Digg’s URL Shortener Now Works Only For Digg

Since Kevin Rose took the helm of Digg, the service hasn’t been introducing new features but killing old ones. First, Digg got rid of the DiggBar, and now a related feature has been (almost) shut down: the Digg URL shortener. Although Digg calls this move an “update,” the feature has been killed for all URLs […]

The Multi-Billion Dollar Question: Will Users Click on Twitter Ads?

It’s official: Twitter’s advertising platform launches in the next 24 hours. The much-anticipated Twitter business model will begin appearing in search results in the afternoon, with ads on and within third-party apps to follow. The launch of the new ad platform, known as Promoted Tweets, isn’t a surprise — like any other company, Twitter […]

Kevin Rose’s First Move as Digg CEO: Kill the DiggBar

Social news website Digg is getting rid of the controversial DiggBar as soon as the upcoming version of Digg exits beta, acting CEO Kevin Rose announced in a blog post today. All previously banned domains will also be unbanned when the new Digg launches, Rose said. DiggBar is an iFrame toolbar that sits on top […]

Details: Twitter’s New @Anywhere Platform

Twitter CEO Evan Williams just announced at SXSW that his company is taking another step to integrate with the rest of the web with a new platform called @anywhere. Operators of third-party websites will be able to plug in @anywhere to integrate some basic Twitter functionality without requiring their users to navigate away from a […]

New Version of Digg Revealed

At the “Bigg Digg Shindigg” event at the South by Southwest Interactive Conference (SXSWi), Digg CEO Jay Adelson revealed that the popular social bookmarking site is getting a major overhaul, teasing the audience about new features such as personalized feeds and the return of the Digg leaderboard. The new version of the website is not […]

Who Else Wants To Know How To Use Social Media To Generate Leads? Twitter, facebook and other social sites are powerful for attracting clients, leads and prospects. But are you workig hard or working smart. This video tutorial will reveal not the hype but the truth on the strategy of how to use social media. In way where you are not so busy and being everywhere but […]

Social Media Christmas 2008

This is Social Media Christmas 2008, and it’s our Christmas gift to you. Hope you enjoy! – The MGH Word of Mouth Team Duration : 0:2:31

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Social Media – Digg, MySpace,YouTube – Web 2.0 Interview Gareth talks to Ben Wills about Social media and web 2.0 as part of the ECommerce Rocks series. Ben talks about YouTube, MySpace, Digg and Bebo. For more info visist Duration : 0:6:34