Google Uncovers Gmail Phishing Scam Originating From China

Google’s security team has revealed in a blog post that it has discovered a phishing scam aimed at collecting Gmail user passwords and email contents. The company has notified victims of the attack […] Related posts: Phishing websites stole $3 billion in China In 2010, the number of new viruses introduced in China… Facebook can […]

‘Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting’ Released for iPhone, Now No 1 in Japan App Store

Yesterday Japanese game developer Capcom announced the release of ‘Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting’ for iPhone and iPod Touch. The app is available for download not only in the Japan app store, but also […] Related posts: Download iPhone Apps and Assist Japan Earthquake Relief Japanese based entertainment solutions company, MotionPortrait has announced that the… Nokia’s […]

Japan has a Group-Buying Site for Premium Goods Only

Behold. Sorevo, a group-buying site which offers premium-products-only was recently launched in Japan. Like most group-buying site, offers for these premium products only come to fruition if enough orders were accumulated within a limited period of time. […] Related posts: The Group Buying Battleground in Singapore For a small country like Singapore, it is surprising that… Tuanyouhui Aggregates Group […]

Cisco Sued, Accused of Helping Design China’s Great Firewall

Following a lawsuit filed against Baidu by eight Chinese New York residents last week, there’s news this morning from The Wall Street Journal that Chinese Falun Gong practitioners have sued Cisco in US […] Related posts: Baidu Sued By Eight New York Residents Over Censorship Bloomberg is reporting this morning that Chinese search giant Baidu… […]

China’s Silicon Valley and 49 Asian Tech Stories You May Have Missed

Last week, Zhongguancun, China’s Silicon Valley had its plan approved for major changes as it aims to boost its total revenue to $1.54 trillion by 2020. It’s yet another sign that China is […] Related posts: Facebook China Rumor and 40+ Asian Tech Stories You May Have Missed Update 2: Reuters reported that someone familiar […]

500 Million Facebook Friends to Sina Weibo [VIDEO]

The movie, The Social Network, a.k.a Facebook movie has a lot of spoofs. If you thought you have seen it all, wait till you see this video which is spreading virally on Sina […] Related posts: Sina Weibo Hits 140 Million Users In its Q1 2011 financial results announcement, Sina revealed that… China’s Microblog, Sina […]

Telkomsel Now Indonesia’s Biggest Holder of IPv4 Addresses

The Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC) gave 4 million IP addresses to Indonesian telco Telkomsel. Telkomsel now manages 5.5 million IP version 4 (IPv4) addresses for its public internet service. APNIC is […] Related posts: The Biggest Marketing Challenges [SURVEY] Shouting out to all marketers and advertisers. What are your… China is the Biggest […]

Google’s Korea Office Raided By Police

The business of collecting user data continues to be a very dangerous one, as news today tells of Google in hot water with South Korean police on the suspicion that it unlawfully collected […] Related posts: China Police Tweets with the Public We have a list of 18 really interesting ways people are… iPad 2 Available […]

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Holds Launch Parties Across Indonesia

Mozilla Indonesia Community, supported by Mozilla Foundation, has held several launch parties across major cities in Indonesia. One of the events was held in Bandung just 2 days ago. More than a hundred […] Related posts: Multiply to launch office in Indonesia Multiply is set to open its Jakarta office in March… P&G and Yahoo […]

10 Early Stage Start-up Pitches [LIVE BLOG] #gstartup

Live notes on start-up pitches. 16Fun (China) Focuses on mobile games imitating virtual reality Features include playing games with friends Business model: Virtual currency, in-app purchases, linking game with business owners Distribution strategy: […] Related posts: Global Mobile Internet Conference, Day 1 Live Blog Live updates from the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing,… East […]

8 out of 10 Facebook users in China are Males

Facebook is banned in China. But somehow, the number of Facebok users in China has ballooned in recent months, almost reaching 700,000. I got curious and checked out Social Bakers to understand the […] Related posts: There are 300,000 Facebook users in China but they still prefer Renren Facebook is blocked in China but that […]

20 Asian Tech Stories you might have Missed

What happened in the Asian technology scene last week? Here are five must-read stories and another 15 below to catch up and be ready for the week ahead. (1) Facebook and China: Blake […]

Russian Social Network Collaborates with Groupon

Groupon might have screwed it up in China but things still look rosy elsewhere. Mail.Ru recently announced a newly formed partnership between Odnoklassniki (a Russia-based social-network) and Groupon. The collaboration allows Odnoklassniki users […] Related posts: The Social Network The movie essentially takes you through Facebook’s rise to fame,… Twitter is now the Top Social […]

Skype Founder, Zennstrom hunts for Innovative Start-ups in China

There are a lot of giant technology companies in China. But they were all modeled after the U.S: Baidu was inspired by Google, Renren by Facebook and Jiepang by Foursquare. What China is […] Related posts: Tips to Find a Good Co-founder for your Start-up It is tough to be a solopreneur. You enjoy all… […]

IBM Celebrates 100 Years of Innovation

Happy centennial birthday, IBM. This year, IBM celebrates 100 years of innovation, risk taking and transformation CEO, Samuel J. Palmisano was in Singapore last Friday to speak at IBM’s Centennial Lecture organized by […] Related posts: How Web Videos Are Driving Innovation We watch web videos almost everyday. They have changed our… Magazine Ad Revenue […]