Embed Facebook Posts In Articles With SocialDitto

SocialDitto is a new tool designed to let content producers, such as journalists and bloggers, embed Facebook posts/status updates into their content. You can think about it like the Twitter BlackBird Pie tool, which lets you embed tweets.  The developers of SocialDitto, part of iEntry (which also publishes WebProNews) thought a Blackbird Pie-like tool would […]

Essential Social Sharing Tools for Websites

Social media has become a standard in Web business and that includes design and development. In the past, providing eye-catching and functional social profile links and sharing options was a cumbersome process; involving hard-coding and scouring the Web for usable images. Not anymore. Amateur bloggers (and sophisticated ones, too) can deploy any… [[ This is […]

Twitter Story and Tips from @AskAaronLee

Three minutes with ____ is a series of short interviews with people who’re creators and thought leaders in the creative, start-up or media world. Aaron Lee, better known as @askaaronlee, is an undergraduate student from Malaysia. He started tweeting on March 2009 and has since gathered a massive group of followers. 152,513 followers at the […]

Want to Access Banned Sites in China? Get an Amazon Kindle

To their amazement, they are able to access Twitter and Facebook through Amazon’s Kindle without having to manually evade the firewall. Chinese bloggers told the media they were surprised to get access to sites banned by the Chinese authorities. “I still can’t believe it. I casually tried getting to Twitter and what a surprise, I […]

The State of Online Word of Mouth Marketing [STATS]

In a session yesterday at Forrester’s Marketing Forum, Forrester analysts Josh Bernoff and Augie Ray presented research findings on peer influence and word of mouth marketing. Some of the statistics were surprising, and the presentation was rife with practical tips for marketers we thought worth sharing. Influencers are Diverse Ray said that when marketers think […]

The Bigness of Smallness

… a video presentation from johnmoore of the BRAND AUTOPSY MARKETING PRACTICE *********************************** When “small businesses” dream, they usually dream of becoming a bigger business. When you think about it, nearly every big business began as a small business. However, a bigger business doesn’t always equate to being a better business. At some point, big […]