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Google's Blogger "20.5" Hour Meltdown

Millions of blog publishers using Google's service were unable to use the service mid-afternoon Thursday, although service has since been restored after 20.5 hours of issues. According to Google, during scheduled maintenance work Wednesday night, the service experienced some "data corruption" that impacted its behavior…. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my […]

Should 'Write To Rank' Articles Be Punished by Google?

Google has stated many times that content should be written for the reader of the content and not to rank in search engines. I assume this would go for YouTube videos as well. It is an excellent approach for search engines to take in my opinion because theoretically if every content producer follows this standard, […]

The Things Google Did in 2010 (The Second Quarter)

We’re looking at the things Google has done over the course of the year. For the first quarter, read this article. Now we’ll pick up in the second quarter.  Allow me to include the disclaimer from the previous post: I have not included every single Google-related story of the year. That would require a book (and […]

Book Review: Problogger

Secrets For Blogging Your Way To a Six-figure Income Book Review by Chris Catania Whether you’re looking to learn the ropes, or you’re a veteran blogger trying to grow your blogging into a profitable business, ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income is required reading and should be in your blogger toolbox… […]

HOW TO: Run an Online Daily Deal

Barrett Lane is a blogger for Yipit, the personalized daily deal recommendation service. You can find more of his posts on Yipit’s blog. He is also…

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Social Media Questions and Answers – Social Media is a huge word in my community. It can be defined in a variety of ways. It’s a way for you to be yourself on the Web, using Websites that are available to upload pictures, text and more. I’ve been doing this long before there was even a Web, so I’ve […]