Twtbuck, India’s Promising Social Media Advertising Platform

Founded in June 2010, India-based start-up Twtbuck, is a do-it-yourself performance-based social media advertising platform for advertisers. Advertisers can create Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn marketing campaigns on Twtbuck. The campaigns are tailored according […] Related posts: Artyii is a Sales and Social Platform for Asian Artists “There are enormously talented emerging artists in Asia but […]

Japan has a Group-Buying Site for Premium Goods Only

Behold. Sorevo, a group-buying site which offers premium-products-only was recently launched in Japan. Like most group-buying site, offers for these premium products only come to fruition if enough orders were accumulated within a limited period of time. […] Related posts: The Group Buying Battleground in Singapore For a small country like Singapore, it is surprising that… Tuanyouhui Aggregates Group […]

Champions League Trending on Twitter in Asia, Can Heineken Sell More Beer?

Grab your beer and chips. The Champions League Final between Manchester United and Barcelona will begin in about 2 hours time. At the point of writing, #ChampionsLeagueFinal is trending on Twitter in India, […] Related posts: Twitter Trending in Japan We’re witnessing key Asian markets dominated by Facebook or Twitter…. How MTV India’s Twitter Campaign […]

Malaysia’s Facebook Fighters

Social media is a tool that can be used for many unusual purposes. But in Malaysia, one especially surprising use is the recruiting of street gang members online. For the Malaysian Minister of […] Related posts: Travelers Can Now Buy Malaysia Airlines Tickets on Facebook It’s great to know that businesses in Asia are keeping… […]

The Mobile Internet in Emerging Markets

At the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing, there was a discussion on the development of the mobile internet in emerging markets around Asia. Here are some selected highlights. Participants: Daniel Morton, CFO, […] Related posts: The Road Towards a Mobile Internet IPO Keynote: Road for mobile internet IPO Michael Song said that… The Future […]

Hi Founders, We Cover Asian Tech Start-ups

If you happened to be a start-up founder in Asia, we invite you to share your idea and vision with us. As part of our vision to cover all-things-Asian-tech, we are open to […] Related posts: The Asian Tech Weekly Digest Chinese New Year snatched the limelight last week. To celebrate… 16 Asian Tech Stories […]

The World is Obsessed with Facebook [VIDEO]

The world is obsessed with Facebook and that includes Asia. 143 million out of 825 million Internet users in Asia are Facebook users. That is 1 Facebook users out of every 6 Asian […] Related posts: The Most Watched World Cup Video Is… …the official theme song for this year’s World Cup, Waka… How the […]

Crisis in Egypt in an Infographic… and China

The world is watching, especially in Asia where the same events could potentially happen. The Egypt crisis happened so quickly with news coming from various media platform: Twitter, Facebook, Renren, news media and […] Related posts: China’s Twitter sites Censor ‘Egypt’ Search The word ‘Egypt’ (??) was censored today by several micro-blogging… China’s Twitter sites […]

The Story and Strategy behind Tokopedia

Tokopedia, the popular Indonesian e-marketplace is one of the most promising start-ups in Asia. In its initial two years, the start-up failed to receive funding from investors. But that didn’t deter William Tanuwijaya and his team. They kept faith in the idea. It was only until February 2009 that Tokopedia received its first funding from […]

IBM partners with Chinese Company to build Asia’s Largest Cloud Center

IBM, together with China-based Range Technology will join forces to build the largest and most advanced cloud data storage center in China. The 620,000-square-meter data storage center will be located at Langfang, Hebei province and construction will being in weeks. It is projected to complete in 2016 and will become the largest cloud storage industry […]

Freesia City’s Co-founder on Social Gaming and 1 Million Users in Asia

Social gaming is one of the next big things. According to eMarketer, the industry is poised to be a $2 billion industry in the U.S by 2012. We are witnessing the same trend in Asia as more social gaming companies mushroomed in recent years. Dhub Digital, a Singapore and Indonesia-based social gaming start-up, is one […]

Asia has 143 million Facebook users

Facebook has more than 600 million users across the world and 143 million of them are from Asia, according to Socialbaker, a social analytics company. In other words, almost 1 out of every 4 Facebook users is an Asian. Indonesia leads Facebook Asia with more than 34 million users. The second largest Facebook nation in […]

Where Are All the Mobile Ads?

Google's AdMob recently released data about global mobile ad impressions, and where they are being seen. It turns out, the majority of mobile ads are viewed in North America (43%) followed by Asia (33%). What is surprising is that Western Europe accounts for just 15% of all AdMob ad impressions. Of course, this is just […]

Groupon HK’s Local Strategy: Now partners with China’s Foursquare, Jiepang

This is when group buying fusions with location-based service (LBS) in Asia: Groupon Hong Kong has made the initiative to partner with Chinese location-based service, Jiepang (loosely translated as street side). For those who don’t know, Jiepang is a location-based service founded by David Liu. Liu tried Foursquare in the U.S and felt that this […]

How Facebook is used for Human Trafficking in Indonesia

Facebook can be used for social causes, connecting with friends or even market a product virally. But in Indonesia, Facebook is used as a channel for human trafficking. Chief of Crime and Investigation, Toni Surya Saputra, said that based on the suspect’s confession, all victims are put to the market through Facebook. Besides having a […]