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[Seo Taiji & boys]-[Freestyle]

[Freestyle] is in their 4th album(1995) Taiji and Kim jongseo(the man with long hair in this M/V) worked on this song together. They're good friends since they first met as members of metal group SINAWE(Taiji-bassist, Kim jongseo-vocal) Seo Taiji is called [culture president] in Korea and has unimaginablely influenced Korea since his debut in 1992:) […]

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1TYM & JinuSean – Seo Taiji & Boys covers medley

The 1TYM boys and JinuSean sing three different Seo Taiji songs (the first is Nan Arayo, the other two i’m not familiar with) on music Station. This clip is wayyyy old, but its still retains its awesome. Duration : 0:7:23

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New CXMB 3.3 is out for 5.00 M33, 5.00 M33-3

[NOTE: YOU MUST HAVE A CUSTOM FIRMWARE TO DO THIS, IF YOU HAVE A SONY VERSION ON YOUR PSP YOU CANT DO IT THEN!] This tutorial was done on a custom firmware 5.00 M33-3 PSP you must have a custom firmware to do so. you can subcribe to my free psp service newsletters so you […]