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Google Panda Update: New Advice Directly From Google

Google’s Panda update left a slew of victims in the wake of its warpath (the war, of course being on shallow and low-quality content). While Google has dropped some hints here and there on its philosophies for what it considers … Continue reading →

Have I lost The Links to my domain?

I have had several of my students to contact me over the last few weeks because they’ve thought some of the links they have built to their websites have been lost. Typically in SEO, one of the ways we can tell which links we built are indexed by the search engines is by is by […]

New Twitter Phishing Attack: “You’re On Here?” [WARNING]

Twitter users are reporting a new attempt to extract their usernames and passwords — a Direct Message attack that asks “You’re on here?” with a link. Others report DMs linking to a site called “mhansenhome” with the message “’someone posted on their blog about you”. The advice is straightforward: if you get such a message […]

Can anyone tell me about google adwords?

I just ordered the Google Adwords kit, but now I am worried. Has anyone tried this? Does it really work or is it a scam? It says it was on the news, and on NBC, ABC, and others. Those kits are a scam. The information you need is free for the taking at Google but […]

BusinessTV: Tom Smith on the biggest trends in social media

Hear expert business advice from Tom Smith, Research Manager, EMEA, at Universal McCann. The expert behind the renowned Wave 3 report, Tom reveals his thoughts on social media’s biggest trends: “We have seen a big move towards video and multimedia content. I mean video sharing sites just keep on taking off wave and wave. We […]

Google Adwords – How to Pay Less, But Rank Higher Google Adwords is a much misunderstood advertising method and too many new marketers are loosing money. Google adwords is easy when you know how. Pay less and get ranked higher by knowing what you’re doing! Duration : 0:7:53

A Cheaper Alternative To Google Adwords Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to Google Adwords. Googles pay per click is the master but there are some alternatives out there you may not be aware of. has an Adword program which is cheaper than Google and very few of the gurus are using it. Why? Well it doesnt have […]

ECommerce Home Shopping – 6 Business Web Design SEO Tips 6 mistakes ECommerce businesses make and how to fix them. SEO Internet Marketing tutorial by Gareth Davies GSINC Ltd. For more ECommerce tips and videos visit Duration : 0:6:40

Free Premium Social Media WordPress Theme: WicketPixie – you can see the latest version live on my own blog and live page. Trust me, if you run WordPress on your own server, you’re going to want to start using WicketPixie as soon as it’s released. Duration : 0:20:8