Political Marketing and Barack Obama

Political Marketing in the Real World Barack Obama, perhaps more than any other candidate of late, has truly mastered the utilization of both digital and conventional political marketing outlets to reach a wide audience and keep his supporters energized. Putting aside any political leanings for the moment, the Democratic political marketing machine, with Barack Obama at […]

Examining the Political Marketing Environment

Political Marketing 101 Rick Santorum and Ron Paul have been recent suprises in the current GOP political marketing campaign of 2012. Their ability to connect with voters and energize a crowd has stunned and impressed the media. Both candidates have utilized the political marketing services of popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to help […]

Political Campaign Consultants

Political Marketing Firm-Political Campaign Consultants Yada Yada Marketing knows, from years of experience working as political campaign consultants, that time and money are so important in a campaign. That is why our team of dedicated experts is constantly working in your best interests to provide only the highest quality and most competitively priced services. Yada Yada Marketing […]

"Massage Marketing" Tips for Success

http://dreampracticeblog.com/marketing-for-practitioners/massage-marketing/ Learn how to effectively market your massage practice Duration : 1 min 37 sec

Income Taxes and Affiliate Marketing

Shawn Collins of http://blog.affiliatetip.com answers a question from the Internet Marketing Gorilla, Greg Hoffman, on affiliates and the tax man. Duration : 2 min 6 sec

Blind Archery Marketing

You can't afford to market blindly. Here are some tips to make your marketing more targetted. Duration : 2 min 48 sec

market-tech-1 marketing promotions

http://www.markettech1.com – We are a full-service marketing solutions company that is fully integrated to meet the needs of an ever changing marketplace. We focus on the business channels of our clients so we can better serve their needs. Our strategic business relationships with all major shippers and our central location ensure you get the best […]

Affiliate Marketing Network

Make money with Google Adsense, step-by-step to help you succeed. Sign up with affiliates and make money without spending a dime. Get better rankings and Income For Life. For More Info., Goto http://www.nationalpeopleseeker.com/seeker.html Duration : 2 min 13 sec

Internet Marketing & Video Production | Activated Marketing

Activated Marketing is a full-service internet marketing agency that creates fresh, engaging content to get your message noticed. We specialize in High-definition Web Video Production, Website Development, Web Analytics, SEO, Social Media and Mobile Marketing. You want to get your message out there- whether you sell a product or a service- you want people to […]

New Internet Marketing Model For Network Marketers

This video addresses the challenges faced by Network Marketers and the newest Internet marketing solutions. it is also for anyone that owns a business and wants to use the Internet to market more effectively. Duration : 2 min 28 sec

Internet Marketing – Visibility Revolution

Visibility Revolution is an Internet Marketing Firm that Focuses on the Organic Growth of Our Clients Internet Marketing efforts. We had Built a System that allows Business Owners to Advertise their business with their Business Descriptions, Events, Coupons, Products and Social Media all in one Place, Allowing Businesses Owners to Focus more on their Business […]

Internet Marketing Explained – Can You be an Affiliate Marketer?

http://PhilReview-webbizscams.info Internet marketing explained with particular emphasis on affiliate marketing. Can you be an Affiliate Marketer and enjoy a good income and great lifefstyle. Great insight into what it means to be an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing explained in simple, straightforward language without all the confusing jargon. Duration : 3 min 3 sec

Buzzirk Affiliate Marketing Secrets

http://www.bizswagger.com/?t=Buzzirk 832-876-5828 {Buzzirk Affiliate Marketing Secrets} Get ready to learn how to market your Buzzirk business. Start receiving the free training you deserve and begin building your Buzzirk business online. Duration : 3 min 11 sec

Salon Marketing Strategies

http://salonmarketingstrategies.net – In my free rport I reveal some of the most protected and unheard of salon marketing strategies ever! Duration : 25 sec